Toto je testovací zpráva


Paintings from pagan Russia, inspired by the ancient ritual of worshiping the arrival of spring.
"Wise old men sitting in a circle watching the death dance of girls to be sacrificed to the God of Spring."
Are we able in this superficial era to sacrifice ourselves? For whom or for what? What are the forms of self-sacrifice of the young generation? Perhaps not sacrificing oneself for anyone or anything? In an atheistic environment the intolerable nature of pagan gods and rituals may seem incomprehensible. What are our values to help us decipher and evaluate the strength of rituals and their retention cycle, the cycle of life?
Choreographer and dancer Jiří Bartovanec and 13 students in the 3rd year at the Duncan Centre Conservatory are looking for certain principles in their lives. They worked with joy, with fear and devotion to one another, or even to everything and everyone. An important element became their own presence, as if the Rite of Spring was a ritual of their own self and the time in which they live.