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Be SpectACTive! is a network of seven European cultural organizations and three research institutions, which is supported by the Creative Europe program for the years 2014-2018.
Be SpectACTive! developing and offering new ways for audience to participate in the running of the theater and also brings great opportunities for Czech artists working in professional conditions to foreign creative residences.

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Audience jury

Audience Jury of the festival CZECH DANCE PLATFORM 2018

We want to know what you think!

Within the European project of active spectatorship Be SpectACTive! there´s been since 2016 chosen an Audience Jury working of the CZECH DANCE PLATFORM festival. Each year chosen a new group of people is watching perfomances and discussing with dramaturges, artists, festival organisers and selecting top 3 performances which are presented during the festival as a choice of the Audience Jury. Audience Jury members are chosen from our audience and spectators, not dance professionals.

What are you getting as a member of Audience Jury?

-        discussion with organisors, dramaturges, artists
-        open rehearsals participation
-        discussions about the watched performances

Besides the fact of influencing the festival programme and a chance to see more closely how the dramaturgical jury is working you will get more benefits:

  • non-transferable 50% off for all festival CDP 2018 applied perfomances 
  • membership in PONEC - dance venue club - "Já PONEC"
  • participation at the meetings of Dramaturgical Jury during the discussions abou the programme selection for CDP 2018
  • 1 non-transferable ticket for 3 perfomances within the festival CDP 2018
  • min. 1 non-transferable ticket after thediscussion meetings at PONEC - dance venue

What do we expect from you:

  • Active participaticipation during the meetings and watching the perfomances
  • Interest in watching the video of perfomances which is not possible to see live and vote for TOP3

Dates of meetings:

11. 10. Cafe Jedna (Veletržní palác) at 6pm

3. 11. , 18. 11., 14. 12.

More information and contact: Michaela Příkopová -

More about the project...
4 years long project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme by EU  (2014 - 2018)
→ active spectatorship
→ creative residencies
→ research and networking

Divácká porota ČTP


Contact: Michaela Příkopová -

Be SpectACTive!

 Kreativní evropa

Audience jury Archive

Year 3. - Audience Jury CZECH DANCE PLATFORM 2017

For season 2016/2017 the audience jury consisted of 10 members with various backgrounds. In autumn 2016 was the audience jury watching the performance and discussing about it. Trying to define solving the quality of the work, which elements areaffect the audience and how and as well they talked about Czech contemporary dance in general. They also met the editors of our main dance media - Dance Zone and Dance News - discussed the work of reviewers and critics and their style of assessment. Between regular meetings of course they attended individual performances in person, so that the artistic impression produced a complete experience.

Selected artworks:

Swish - Tereza Hradilková and col.
Study - Holektiv
L / One of the Seven - ME-SA, Andrej Petrovič


Year 2. - Audience Jury CZECH DANCE PLATFORM 2016

The audience jury for the 2015/2016 season consisted of a group of 11 active spectators who attended regular meetings and discussed performances. In total, 35 works recorded on the CZECH DANCE PLATFORM 2016, either directly in theaters or on a video recording. After several discussions held not only among the members of the jury, but also with other dancers or dancers, they chose in January 3 performances for ČTP 2016.
Their selection, in addition to one performance, coincided with the decision of the jury. Selected works could also be seen by the general public at the April festival.
These were the following:

GOSSIP - Lenka Vagnerová & Company
Jiří Bartovanec
Tranzmutation -
Andrea Miltnerová & Jan Komárek


Year 1. - February - May 2015

The new way of audience development is so-called “participatory programming”. We invited general public – spectators  who are actively interested in creating a program in our theatre to meet the artistic directors of the theatre regularly, to discuss specific works and to share their feelings and opinions. They had a chance to take part in choosing from a big selection of artworks.
The first series of workshops with the audience is devoted to the program of European Dance Laboratories, which are part of the TANEC PRAHA festival. Works included in European Dance Labs are selected from the Top20 young choreographic talents from Aerowaves - European dance platform.
The workshops were open to everyone, to students as well as seniors, to lay practitioners as well as to professionals, to anyone who wanted to learn more about theater backdrops and background processes.

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