Toto je testovací zpráva


Three women lost somewhere in a sandy landscape – in a pit with no bottom, in a chasm without ladders. Reconciled with their fate and adapted to life in an unfavourable place where no one else can live. An everpresent light from the watchtower doesn‘t allow them to sleep nor to dream.


"...dynamic spectrum of emotions from tenderness and fear through revolting and agression was tender in "dance of point of view", yet alarming..."  
(Lucie Burešová, Taneční, October 2011)

Performance was created with support of:
Městská část Prahy 5, o.s. divadlo Konvikt Olomouc, Magistrát hl.m. Praha, MK ČR, Nadace Život umělce, Alt@rt o.s., PONEC – divadlo pro tanec, Konzervatoř Duncan centre, Studio Dance Perfect.