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In autumn 2014, the company founded by several graduates of the Duncan Centre Conservatory in 2004 marked its first decade of activities.

The aim of the group was and still is to create a platform for the creation of dance-theatre projects at a high professional level and to collaborate closely as authors with foreign choreographers and artists. At the present time, however, the company is focussing on the staging of original Czech works which in recent years it has presented mainly in the Ponec theatre in Prague. NANOHACH also frequently performs in public spaces (Czech Centre Prague, the Franz Kafka Society, the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Botanical Gardens, the CTU in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, Florenc metro and other exteriors, galleries, train stations and factory buildings). Also noteworthy is the 2011 documentary on Czech Television Doteky tance (Dance Touches) and an exhibit of photographs documenting the group's activities – NANOHACH NAPLNO (2009), NANOHACH VEN! (2011). In addition to their productions, members of NANOHACH actively participate in current cultural events in the Czech Republic. The most recent award for the group was the Tribute to Personality of the Year 2014 (H. Malík), presented in October at the …příští vlna/next wave… festival.

Notable works: Synchronicity (ch.: M. Záhora, award for Best Performance 2006), Portrait (ch.: I. M. Popovici /RO/, SAZKA Award 2007 for "discovery in dance" and award for Best Performance 2007), -gracerunners- (ch.: K. Foss /no/), Resonance (ch.: M. Záhora, pro Scottish Dance Theatre and NANOHACH), Love Me (ch.: N. Charnock /UK/), Crime and Punishment – a movement semi-opera (r.: J. Komárek, award for Best Light Design 2010 and Critics Award 2013 /Kingfestival Russia/), Brut (ch.: F. Ramalingom /FR/), Orbis pictus (ch.: L.Bartůňková / M.Záhora) and Flashed by (ch.: L.Flory). All of the group's productions gained critical and popular attention both in the Czech Republic and abroad (in addition to neighbouring countries also in England, Argentina, Croatia, Egypt, France, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain and the USA).