Toto je testovací zpráva


This is not a kiss! by Žiga Jereb and Anna Štěrbová is about what happens when we believe in the power of a kiss. The program will also feature choreography by Pavel Šmok (Musica Slovaca) and Hana Litterová (Silent Scream).



Polibek, pusa, hubička– the Czech language has so many variants of the word "kiss" with so many shades of meaning. A kiss can be formal, motherly, tender, passionate, but also an abstract idea, a muse or the kiss of death. Without kisses life is poor, grey and sad. We yearn for kisses and if we are not clear they can surprise us. We defend against kisses, because they may be too personal, intimate and penetrate where we don't want to let anyone in. A kiss is something that forever leaves traces in our lives and can change reality. The choreography is a look at what's to come or may come with a kiss, and what happens if we believe in its power.



Contemporary Slovak composer Ilja Zelenka was inspired by two folk songs from Čičmany and Dolny Vadičov. Šmok's choreography also springs from the spirit of Slovak folklore. It's a kind of tribute to modern ballet by one of its main sources of inspiration – folk dance.



The inspiration to create a chamber drama for three dancers was Dvořák's symphonic poem The Water Goblin. The storyline takes place in the present and speaks about interpersonal relationships and events that may be happening around us, often behind closed doors.


The dramatic qualities of Dvořák's brilliant music enhance and highlight the conflict of love, passion and selfishness, which leads to a tragic end.