Toto je testovací zpráva


The Wilds: The Vanity of Plumage dance performance is a grotesque essay on the beauty and guile of nature in all of us, on missing heroes and narcissism, on the fight for survival and the intraspecific aggression that drives us forward in the form of personal ambitions and conditioned dreams of happiness. Through motion visualisation, uniquely beautiful basic reflexes, motivational processes and intuitive behaviour, Jana Burkiewiczová leads us into a paradise where dancing creates silence, screams, pleasure and the omen of death in a fast sequence of situations, texts and images.

“The splendid male astrapia builds his tiny palace from sticks and his own feathers in tall treetops in front of which he later dances with his wings up. Fighters from the Enga Province adorn their hair with his varicoloured plumage. Stretching out in front of us, the wilds reflect our inner feelings. Unpredictable, without clear outlines or paths, totally indifferent to the theme and meaning we have chosen.”