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Moving Orchestra
25 - 75 minut
3-5 dancers, 3-5 musicians

An unconventional walk through a public or non-theater space. The guide comments on the changing body. The viewer passes through the space and encounters various music and dance situations, observing the events at a pace that suits him. Short performances in different formations freely relocate and regroup, inspired by the space and its atmosphere.

Thus in the course of one evening the viewer is exposed to different layers and associations of different places. Every event by the Moving Orchestra acts as a living part of the public space and is a mediator between its genius loci and the viewer. The various associations, specificities and beauties of places that are easily hidden from view in the normal rhythm of the city are uncovered.


Petr Vrba is one of the most prominent personalities in the contemporary experimental music and free improvisation scenes in the Czech Republic. He is one of the founding members of several improvisation ensembles, such as IQ + 1, the Prague Improvisation Orchestra, Poisonous frequencies, etc. He regularly performs with dancers in the Moving Orchestra project or KaPe duo with Kateřina Dietzová. At the end of the year, he released several excellent albums: Resonators with George Cremaschi and Irene Kepl on British label Another Timbre, Torschlusspanik with Didi Kern and Tomáš Prochazka on Czech-Finnish label Meteorismo, With Three Windows And Rain with Yan Jun on Taiwanese label Kandala Records and, last but not least, The Spoils with the Rouilleux trio.