Toto je testovací zpráva


This site-specific version is dedicated to Petr Kavur.

How to be together even with our differences. Where are your boundaries?

Different is not a duality. Neither separate nor delimited. Different is about the diversity of opinions and reactions, about giving space.

Listening, decisions and actions, together forming one whole.

Different is an evening when the stage and auditorium meet in one space.

Its boundaries are permeable and flexible. They depend only on how you set them yourself.


With this project we wished to dig into being, into who we are and how we are. Together. Different individuals creating and developing as one system fed and conditioned by it’s diversity.

At the beginning we asked ourselves the following: What are the reasons and where does the need for being different originate? But maybe first of all: what does it mean to be different? How does different manifest itself? Or put otherwise - where is the limit, what is the border line?  What is our relationship to differences?

As we went on discovering and developing the project, we started to listen to people, conducting series of interviews to hear about personal experience and views, to hear about wildness and enjoy how one and the same stimulus can give birth to a multitude of responses. Listening for the connection, celebrating the sparkle ignited inside and shedding light on the person’s face.

The project, which was selected by partners of Be SpectACTive! project, supported by Creative Europe programme, has been developed in the framework of three residencies at PONEC Theatre Prague, Bakelit Multi Art Center Budapest and Plesni teatr Ljublana.

Site-specific version will take place at 6 PM near the Army Museum Žižkov. We will go there together from the PONEC theatre at 5:45 PM.