Toto je testovací zpráva


The Contemporary Theatre presents a presentation of the results of its activities simply called Conteátr 2018/19. Thanks to the cooperation with leading Czech dance professional and young artists, a lot of interesting material is being created in the "work in progress” phase and it is worth presenting and discussing it.
Summer LAB 2018
  • the competition choreographic trailer of the winner of the scholarship program for the young choreographic and dance creative, which seeks support for the elaboration of a feature-length performance:
    • Xian he
Choreography inspired by the ancient Japanese legend and the story of Sadako girl, who was ill after a nuclear attack in Hiroshima. Legend has it that everyone who folds thousands of origami paper cranes will fulfill one wish. Sadako longed for healing, but only 644 cranes. She has inspired many of her friends and classmates and her memorial in Hiroshima has become a symbol of the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons. Each year people send to her statue countless paper cranes.
  • Choreography: Petra Hájková, HAMU student
  • Dancing: dancers of Czech Conservatories
  • Music: Adam Pobořil
  • Lecture choreography: Nataša Novotná, Lenka Vagnerová, Vendula Poznarová
Summer LAB 2017 trailer
Collage of works produced under the pilot program of Summer LAB. Presentation of last year winner Zuzana Dobešová and mentors Vendula Poznarová and Šimon Kubáň.
Conteátr 2018/19
Presentation of new dance theater projects that are produced by Contemporary Theatre.