Toto je testovací zpráva


After the performance (03/02/19) will come discussion with Michal Záhora.

How to dance away a hundred years without going crazy? A dance kaleidoscope from the history of a man which may – but doesn´t have to – recall the present anniversary of the Czech State. Four different dancers, four different bodies, four characters and a number of familiar moments. History in movement, dance as a record of individual and collective memory.

Michal Záhora´s latest production, born from the desire to celebrate the foundation of Czechoslovakia, its 100th anniversary.




"…The Anniversary cannot be deprived of the certainty with which he succeeded in capturing and incarnating the absurdity inextricably linked with years past…" Zuzana Rafajová, 1.11.2018,

"…Záhora reached for humour, which is not typical of him. He ironically depicted the absurdity of the era (…) A work was created that is definitely worth talking about…" Jana Návratová, 5.11.2018,