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When will we be home? Daddy, is it our house? Mummy, hand me that star. But it's so high. It’s not, all you have to do is jump. That’s not enough it, now sleep and turn off the lights! No, no, it's the star shining which was within reach. And when we will be home yet?

An authorial, interactive, dance-movement, audiovisual performance for five performers, one puppet and two musicians. Adults with their children are moving to find a better place to live, searching for a key to home. What does “home” mean to children?

Our story is real and at the same time a fairy tale. It reflects a child's view of the world, which is then confronted with an adult's perspective. What is my dream and what is your reality? What do children see? And do adults see the same way?

Among Us encourages imagination, protects child‘s world of fantasy and emphasizes the importance of home. It explores the comprehensibility of dance-visual theatre for children, develops the relation between movement and a puppet / an object and works with the interaction with audience with respect to its function, functionality and meaning.  

A creative workshop focussing on movement and dance in space will take place in the theatre half an hour after the performance.


Creative workshop before the performance of Among Us. Do you want to be part of our story?

Come and build a little house while becoming a part of our story. Among Us tells the story of a long journey to a home, a little house. And you can find a place among us and among the other little houses. At least for a while, before the first stars appear in the night sky. Then it will be just your little house.

The workshop is led by qualified artists and instructors.

The workshop is free for all children and their parents who have tickets to the performance. For schools, the workshops before the performance take place in the schools' own space.


Thanks to: Yvona Kreuzmannová, Markéta Perroud, Dana Nekardová, Pavlína Šimáčková, Ina Bradáčová, Ilona Němcová, Lada Hořešovská, Katarína Kanábová, Milena Kožová, vedení škol a paní učitelky mateřských a základních škol (Praha, Hokkaido, Malaga)