Toto je testovací zpráva


Viliam was born in Slovakia. He graduated from the theatre direction program at JAMU in Brno and later obtained a PhD at DAMU in Prague. After graduating, he served as guest director at various theatres around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. After rejecting a number of commissions, he set out for Andalusia with a group of young actors. His first independent project was thus born, which in 2002 became the Farm in the Cave. The company has established itself as a modern laboratory for performers straddling the genres of physical theatre, dance theatre and music theatre. His projects and performances have represented the Czech Republic at many prestigious festivals, in more than 50 cities, and on three continents. Viliam has created or co-created the music for all of Farm in the Cave's productions. Together with the company he has received a number of international and Czech awards, among others the prestigious European Prize for New Theatrical Realities or most recently the award for Best Dance Show of the Year 2016 for Disconnected.