Toto je testovací zpráva


Thomas Steyaert – movement artist – painter – sound designer based in Sarajevo and Brussels.

Thomas did several projects with Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus and the KVS (Royal Flemish Theater).

Since 2006, he makes his own stage- and site specific work around Europe and abroad. Together with Raul Maia, one of his close artistic partners, he works on an ongoing project that explores the artistic practise and multiple output potentiality of a system of non-representational pyhisical communication between performers. Until now this work resulted in three stage performances, in many site specific works, in several video works and in a teaching practise.

In 2018 Thomas founded ‘Moving Island’, a Belgian-Bosnian collective of artists with the focus on socially engaged artistic work. He also recently founded Performa Collective, a group of performance artists, active in Sarajevo (BIH).

In 2008 created Thomas for DOT504 Dance Company a project called Hidden Landscape, where Rosťa Novák was featured as a guest. Since then, Thomas has become a close associate of Rosťa Novák's then-established world-famous Cirk La Putyka.

The work of Thomas has been shown in many theaters and festivals.