Toto je testovací zpráva


Tereza Hradilková (CZ) graduated from Duncan Centre in Prague and later majored in dance and physical theatre at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. During her studies she met Einat Ganz and Klára Alexová with whom she later teamed up for a number of projects. She has also collaborated with Stefan Dreher, Claude Brumachon, Fabian Chyle, the company NANOHACH, Brothers Formans Theatre and Andrea Miltner, to name only a few. She is currently based in Prague where she is, among other things, an ambassador of Studio Truhlárna, a space in the district of Žižkov devoted to emerging artistic projects. She is active in the field of contemporary dance, whether in terms of choreography, performance or education, both at national and international level.

Einat Ganz (IL) graduated in contemporary dance and choreography at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. As a dancer she was featured in works by Barak Marshall, Shlomit Fundaminski and Saar Magal. 2005 marks the beginning of her independent choreographic career: her works have been presented in Israel, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia and the UK. Upon returning from Amsterdam to Israel, she studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. For the past eight years she has been active in the field of contemporary dance pedagogy, improvisation, composition and repertory for children and the youth at Israeli schools. She is a member of an improvisation group “Lashevet – Lakum“ and a co-founder of two associations: “Artist Cycle“ (a community of performance artists in Tel Aviv) and “Improvising Together“ (a group of performers devoted to the investigation and practice of improvisation).

Klára Alexová (CZ/NL) is a graduate of Duncan Centre Conservatory (2004) and physical theatre at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam (2009). She has mostly worked in the Netherlands, collaborating with a number of artists and groups: Dogtroep, NNT under artistic direction of Ola Mafaalani and Ko van den Bosche, Paper ensemble, Boukje Schweigman, Jakop Ahlbom, Lotte van den Berg, Davy Pieters. Her collaborative project also involve works with visual artists such as Zhana Ivanova, Witte van Hulzen and Sander Breure. Since 2015, she has been involved in some of the projects produced by Spitfire Company in the Czech Republic. The turn of 2016 saw her perform in “Different”, a piece created by Bára Látalová and Zdeňka Svíteková within the project BeSpectACTive! She is one of the leading personalities of the association Obnaženi, an organizing body of a festival of the same name in the Czech town of Chomutov.