Toto je testovací zpráva


As a child, Dana Michel would wrap a yellow towel around her head in order to look like her fair-haired classmates. As an adult, she returns to this imaginary world of her alter-ego in an innovative performance in which she, honestly and without censorship, plays the role of the marginalized protagonist. With a mix of simplification and absurdity, she breaks down black culture stereotypes, turning them on their head and trying to figure out where they belong and why. Her unsettling metamorphosis is fascinating, for Dana Michel is deeply influenced by contemporary fashion, music videos, queer culture, and physical comedy.

Yellow Towel was developed in Vienna, Brussels, New York, Toronto, and Montreal, and helped to catapult Michel from Montreal's alternative scene onto the international map of movement theater. Critics have called her "an artist who refuses to compromise and dares to invent her own language," and they are absolutely right.