Toto je testovací zpráva


Project of the performer and tango dancer, Patricie Poráková, that brings an insight into the world of the Argentinean tango created by the people who live in its environment.

In “Lunfardo” (slang from the underworld of the Argentinean tango in which the lyrics are written), Quilombo means “chaos, brothel, whorehouse”. In Afro-Brazilian culture, Quilombo means “community of deserted slaves deep inside the jungle” - symbol of revolution and liberation.

Tango was born between men in the port, in place where stories, destinies, smells, sweat and dirt were mixed in one cultural pot... You can feel the distance there, the sea, the infinite horizon. In the wind of the wild Atlantic, men dream of gentleness and touches. They long for intimacy and those they will never see again. It is a dance in which one body is lost in the body of the other. You give yourself as a shadow to the other, the one you love, whatever love means to you. You want to feel the nearness. You are aware of your personal space and feel the total connection of the two bodies. It is a dance, where euphoria turns into deep pain, to and from, to and from, step by step. Tango is a dance-life, dance-experience; it is coarse, painful, dirty, insane and as natural as breathing. You can feel it the same as you feel your everyday life, no matter whether it happens in the streets...


“Diverse dynamics and emotional facets of tango are shown in front of our eyes. From the most gentle and intimate ones, the inner moves that here, on stage, take the form of embracing of lovers, to virtual duels of rivals, two strong individuals. Technically, the performance of the main protagonist was a pleasure for the eye. Complex variations made of impressive elements, volcadas, ganchos and diverse kicks with the female leg swiftly fluttering around the space, all executed with accurate dynamics and lightness.”
(Daniela Zilvarová, Taneční aktuality, 23. 10. 2013)
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“The sound of the violin, sad to tear one's heart, is an indivisible part of the set, from the very beginning introducing the two dancers into a space beyond reality, letting them burn in there for one another and shine like two stars shooting from the sky at once.“
(Jakub Novák, aktuálně.cz, 17. 10. 2013)
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