Toto je testovací zpráva


A review of a dance performance is like a breath of a dead lover. We understand you do not read them. We sometimes hear about those which were written about us. In one of them they mentioned that we had set a process well. That sounds positive, doesn’t it? So, we said to ourselves: let’s make a sequel, a follow-up, the number two, when the process does so well. (Actually, it will be altogether /and that is really a secret/ a trilogy about a confusion from a creative process, about a confusion of an audience and a confusion of reviewers; but do not tell anybody, trilogies are in fashion nowadays, so we don’t want to be blamed for copying). The follow up = the bigger budget = more actors = more fun. Look forward! Only dancing is not enough, the line-up is this: a dancer, + an actor + a circus performer + a mime). The follow up = PROGRESS.