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Spontaneous singer with a strong voice, accordion and roots deep in the ground.
Expressive chanson singer. Böhmische hearth coeur.

She was encouraged to go into music from childhood by her parents, but started to play accordion by herself only when she was 17. It was the accordion that “opened” her voice and led her to inimitable and irreplaceable spontaneity, urgency and inartificiality. She was discovered as a musician by the Prague group Činna with whom she travelled all over the Czech Republic as a completely unknown and inexperienced singer who used to sit with her back to the audience. Only then she started to find her feet...

In June 2007 her debut album “Kykyrý” on which she worked together with Ivan Ajchler was released by Indies Scope. She worked with the theatre company Pražské komorní divadlo - Divadlo Komedie (Weissenstein, Miu@see poetry musical), Agon Orchestra (DG 307 remix, Magorova Summa, Typornamento - Milan Adamčiak) and Lenka Vagnerova Company (dance performance La Loba). She lives in the Lusatian Mountains.



“The performances of Jana Vébrová are very intensive and leave the audience deeply affected. Her voice can be both very tender and so grating that your back will not need scratching in a week.”
(Josef Šmejkal, 2013)