Toto je testovací zpráva


Grand opening of the 2019 Bazaar Festival 

The stage as a place to feel totally free and totally safe. Dance that vibrates with emotion, spontaneity and truth in precisely choreographed situations.

In Adrienn Hód’s abstract glamorous revue, Hodworks present a ceremony free of norms, a naked communal confession with four open and flashy chorus girls in a stream of consciousness between personal stories and fragments of current social discourse. The magic of both joy and pain, a ritual bath in the limelight, rich and loud stories of passion, a march towards ecstasy, electro and classic burlesque.

"Where are our experiences and sensations legitimate? Many human feelings or states are “forbidden”, not allowed to be shown. Art can be an alibi for all this. On the altar of art you can do things that are forbidden in real life. Thus, art is a game, an alibi of freedom.” - Adrienn Hód


Tickets 250 Kč / 150 Kč

With text in English and Hungarian, with Czech subtitles