Toto je testovací zpráva


How do children look at their lives today? What would they say about themselves, about people and about the whole world to someone who lives on another planet or universe? How would they describe what dance is? A short documentary for adults and children who love sci-fi, dance and other adventures.

English friendly.

Thanks to:
Franta Pazdernik and parents Veronika and Martin (also Moon extras), Vasiliki Helena Kavvadia and mum Silvie, Luka Ward and parents Thelma and Maurice, Lenka and Adéla Perroud and parents Markéta and Jérémie, Ema Hejzlerová, Anna Škvorová, Anežka Freislebenová, Natanael Průša, Vojta Doubek, Jirka Šimek, Hanka Tuháčková, Pavel Suchan, Ivana Macourková, Miroslav Šlechta, Jan Sloup, Igor Novák, Elementary school Všenory and Waldorf school Prague 7
After the film screening follows the performance by Petr Tejnorová and VerTeDance ensemble, Let's dance!