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Family Journey

We've been told:

"You are a family. Stick together and you‘ll be the happiest family ever. The happiest family in the
world. You can have everything in the world. If you truly wish it."

We witness a family event where peculiar stories and obsessions of individual characters come to the
light of the day. The unusual emerges in the form of a magical physical adventure.
This project challenges dancers’ physical limitations leading to a unique, attractive physical
expression. This conjures up caricatures of all performers, who are part of an unusual, unpredictable
and loving family.

English spoken in the performance.
A conversation with Lenka Ottová, artistic director of DOT504:
Is this a DOT504 production in cooperation with Anton Lachký or the other way around? 
We approached Anton Lachký to work together with DOT504, so it's a DOT504 production with Anton Lachký.
Is this your first project together with Anton?
No, it's already the second. The first took place at the inception of DOT504 in 2006. He created for us a short 20-minute piece called Heaven is the place..., which was selected for the Aerowaves Festival in London.
Do you know how many foreign collaborations the ensemble has behind it? Or at least over the last
few years?
Family Journey is now the ensemble's seventh foreign co-production since its inception in 2005. What distinguishes this production compared to regular contemporary productions? Mainly that four leading foreign dancers (from Korea, Greece, England and the Czech Republic) collaborated on the production. It is also distinguished by the novel and specific movement vocabulary typical of Anton Lachký's choreography, but also the stage design by the well-known artist Jiří Votruba.
Four dancers will meet on stage. Do I understand correctly that they will portray one family? Will
there be children as well?
Four dancers will meet on stage portraying one family, because someone told them they are a family! Let yourself be surprised!  Finally, is the piece more of a comedy or a drama? The performance contains sad as well as humorous themes.