Toto je testovací zpráva


Calmly survey the hall.

Hold your breath.

Raise your hand.

Wait for silence and for everyone to settle down. Set the tempo, seize attention, and hold it firmly in your grasp.


The conductor – or who leads whom and how? Who is more important: the conductor, the work, the musician or the audience? Who has the power and to whom does the work belong?

In her second original solo performance, Tereza Hradilková finds inspiration in the conductor's movements. She discovered this fascination when collaborating on the project Arsilda, in which the orchestra was conducted by Václav Luks. Through this the author works with the conductor's role in a wider context. She asks when and how we take on the role of the conductor in our lives, what we control in our lives, what we let influence us and how much we hold life in our hands.

Who is the conductor within us?


After the performance will come discussion with creators moderated by Daniela Voráčková