Toto je testovací zpráva


We are sorry to have to let you know that due to illness in the DOT504 we have to cancel the performance on February 4.


"It comes to us

Out of somewhere, nowhere

No one knows what it is

What is this?"


The creators of this project deal with the various taboos that exist in the present world, but which are not discussed due to various prejudices and conventions. These taboos do not disappear, but remain hidden in our minds, from where they emerge with greater force the more we try to suppress and displace them from our consciousness.

This theme offers rich material for the performance with the unmistakable handwriting of both creators – mixing humour and drama, monotony and exciting action on the border of the physically possible.

The performance is in Czech and English. 


“We can see features of political and social criticism as well as emphasis on selfishness of our needs, whether it is love, sex or money.”

Zuzana Smugalová,