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Veronika Švábová


A graduate of the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague and of dance sciences at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Since 2000 she has regularly worked with the Brothers Forman Theatre. For director Petr Forman she created choreographies for the performances of Purple Sails on the Theatre Ship of Secrets (2000), the opera Beauty and the Beast for the National Theatre in Prague (2003), Klapzubova jedenáctka for the Divadlo Minor (2005), Obludárium (2007, Alfred Radok Award for production of the year 2008), Poor Pale Rusalka for the Goose on a String Theatre, Brno (2009), Enchantia (2012, again for the National Theatre in Prague). For the National Theatre in Prague she also staged choreographies for the operas Requiem by Verdi and Adriana Lecouvreur by Francesco Cilea (2004). In 2007 she created choreography for the jazz opera A Walk Worthwhile, directed by Petr and Miloš Forman. Her independent works include Obsessión, From Start to End, Mama Luna and Softly (for NANOHACH).

In 2005 she and Tomáš Procházka, musician and sound designer, founded the theatre group HANDA GOTE research and development. Handa Gote is an arts group that combines instrumental sound installations, movement and dance theatre, live music, research in the area of media archaeology, applied theatre and technology. As a choreographer and dancer, Švábová has participated in these performances: Computer Music (2005), Ekran (2006), Mushrooms (2008), Emily (2009), Metal Music (2010), Mission (2013), the trilogy Body and Technology - Noise (2005), Red Green Blue (2005) and Silence (2006). In 2011 her treatment of family history Clouds premiered. She collaborated with Finnish musician and performer Pasi Mäkelä on the performance Rite of Spring (2014).