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Francesca Foscarini / Yasmeen Godder


Francesca Foscarini is a versatile Italian dancer and promising choreographer who has become the leading figure in the young Italian generation of dancers, mainly thanks to her own studies and cooperation with the greats of contemporary dance and theatre, such as Italian director Roberto Castello, choreographers Emio Greco (NL), Iris Erez (IL) , Nigel Charnock (UK), Sara Wiktorowicz (NL), Yasmeen Godder (IL) and many others. As a dancer, she is admired for her excellent technique, emotional force and powerful stage presence. As a choreographer Francesca has won several awards. For example, her choreography Cantando sulle ossa (2011) won the main jury prize in the solo category at MASDANZA – The International Contemporary Dance festival of the Canary Islands – and also as Gut Gift was selected for Aerowaves – European platform for young choreographers.