Toto je testovací zpráva

Clarinet Factory


Imagine a music workshop or laboratory, to which a little clarinet, some classical music education, a little ethno, jazz and supposing also some minimalism is mixed in. You deliver a taste for improvisation, buy the most modern electronics and technology, invite interesting guests and then start doing research, creating, and mainly communicating with the audience.
A particular genre will emerge from the environment which you have thus created, a genre which can have various things in common with the established term crossover, but more appropriately should be expressed as „music without borders".
The quartet composed the music for the following performances:
"Les" (2003, the Comedy Theatre, Prague)
ballet performance (e)MOTION PURE – Kevel (Ponec theatre, Prague)
ballet performance "Spor aneb Dotyky a spojení" (2009, National Moravia-Silesian Theathre, Ostrava)
2014 Worx and Reworx (2CD)
2010 Echoes of Colors
2014 Out of Home
2008 Eternal Seekers
2005 Echoes from Stone
2005 Polyphony