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Ann Van den Broek founded Dutch-Belgian company WArd/waRD in 2000 upon retiring from an active and successful career as a dancer. For more than 15 years the work of her company has left a deep mark in European dance art. Ann focuses mainly on models of human behaviour, states of mind and reflection that mirror the condition of our world. Beginning with purely movement compositions she gradually moved towards the elements of her work that she is best known for today: video, amplified sound of the body and voice. In so doing she has gradually moved from the stage to non-theatre spaces – galleries, museums, etc. Among the company's most famous works are Co(te)lette (2007) – which was filmed by director Mike Figgis in 2010, I SOLO MENT (2008) and Phrasing the Pain (2014), a Czech restaging of which is part of the repertoire of 420PEOPLE.